NICE TO MEET YOU!Who we are?

We are Chiara and Enrico, a couple in life and in work.
We manage Altré with all the passion of this world and our goal is to make you feel at home on holiday, served and pampered but never intrusive!
We are lucky enough to “never work” because we have chosen to do what we like with great passion, sacrifices, dedication and a lot of study!

Altré is a little dream come true, a creature that we have created from nothing, grown in our hands day after day, making it exactly as we wanted.
A young, fresh guest house, which smells of new but enriched by small pearls of the past, which looks to the future with the ambition to be a landmark in the city of Olbia and beyond.

OUT PATHWhat do we do?

Chiara, the mastermind of everything, had already decided when she was 10 that she would be an entrepreneur and not an employee. Born in 1989, after the hotel school she graduated in economics and tourism management, she followed a master in Milan and returned to Sardinia where she worked in the
tourism sector among prestigious hotels and tour operators.
Enrico, born in 1983, is the arm, the one that is mostly behind the PC but that if he is not there, the job does not work. He is a specialist in tourist services and has always worked in the world of tourism: from reception in residences to air transport and the restaurant business.


We like to think that values are really important and help us to give our best in our work and in our life.
Sit comfortably on our terrace and discover with us what we most believe in.
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Hospitality
  • Advice
  • Learning
and environment

Environmental sustainability is a topic that is really close to our hearts. For this reason we have tried to make our small contribution, making Altré a respectful place for guests and for the planet.

The production of hot water, in fact, takes place exclusively through modern photovoltaic panels; every single bulb you will find inside Altré is a LED bulb, with negligible consumption. The heating and cooling of the rooms is also guaranteed by high-performance air conditioners.

The hygiene products that all our bathrooms are equipped with are also certified organic.

and sympathy

Hospitality is everything for us: it takes place from the moment of the first contact for information or booking, to the final greeting and check-out.

As we told you, our work is our dream, our passion, and for this reason we put body and soul into what we do, always with a smile on our lips.

We try to take care of the customers and cuddle them according to their needs; whether it is for advice, for an improvement inside the room or for logistical needs … we are here for you!

to the territory

We are great lovers of the Gallura and Sardinian territory. As passionate travelers, we are more than happy to put our experience at the service of Altré’s guests, whether live or online.

Have you already visited the “blog” section of the site? We update it periodically with advice and guides on Sardinia: from suggestions for real excursions, to indications on the most interesting restaurants in the area.

Do not hesitate to ask us for any information about it, we like to imagine ourselves as “friends of the area” and our guests!

and training

We admit it: we love studying and we love training.

We strongly believe in the importance of continuous learning, to nourish ourselves and be better in our work.

As we told you earlier, the tourism sector is the basis of our study paths; while aware of our cultural background, we try every day to learn new things and keep up with this constantly updated world!

Altré Guest House

Junior Suites furnished in a modern but welcoming style, all equipped with private bathroom, breakfast area, free fast Wi-Fi, 40 '' HD TV. Accessories and quality products for your breakfast and for your psychophysical well-being. We look forward to welcoming you to Olbia and guiding you during your stay!
Via Trieste 3, Olbia
+39 351 891 2048
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