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Ours is a small city and it is generally easy to get around, but when visiting a new place it can happen that one loses one’s bearings. That is why we have written a guide with all the useful tips on how to get around Olbia easily.

On foot

Muoversi a piedi a Olbia

For those staying at Altré, the most practical and ecological way to discover the heart of the city is to leave your car near the guest house and head towards the centre on foot. A five-minute walk will take you to Piazza Regina Margherita from which two streets branch off. In front of you is Corso Umberto, the shopping street, which leads to the archaeological museum and the Ferris wheel, while to your right is Via Regina Elena, which leads to the seafront promenade on which it will be pleasant to stroll or have an aperitif in one of the many bars in the area.

By car

Muoversi a Olbia in auto

It is the most practical and fastest way to get around the city and to reach all the areas outside the centre such as Pittulongu or the northern area where some of our favourite restaurants are located. Finding your way around by car in Olbia’s traffic may be complicated, especially at the beginning of your stay, so we suggest you always use a navigator or Google Maps.
Most parking in the city is free of charge but in some areas you will find blue lines on the asphalt indicating paid parking spaces. If you are fond of coins, remember to always carry some in your pocket to pay via the pay stations; if you prefer electronic payments, you can download the ASPO app that allows you to park throughout the city with the convenience of digital payments.
For those travelling by car, it is very important to know that throughout Olbia the speed limit is 30 km/h.

By bicycle

Muoversi a Olbia in bicicletta

Although much progress has been made in recent years regarding sustainable mobility, Olbia is not yet fully prepared for this revolution.
However, Olbia citizens and visitors can use a pay-as-you-go bike-sharing service to explore the city’s territory in harmony with nature. Using the service is really very simple: just download the Bicincittà app, register and take one of the bicycles at one of the three stations in the city (the nearest is in front of the San Simplicio necropolis, a stone’s throw from Altré).

Those who need more powerful bicycles can ask us for the contact details of one of the many rental services in the area. In this case, it is important to know that Altré does not have a space inside for parking, so it will be necessary to leave the bicycles unattended along the road.

By bus

Muoversi a Olbia in autobus

Little loved by the citizens of Olbia, the bus is instead a popular means of transport for visitors, especially those who use it to reach the beaches of Pittulongu, Porto Istana and Porto Rotondo.
Altré’s location is particularly convenient thanks to the proximity of several bus stops in front of which all the main city lines pass.
Through the ASPO app, you can choose your departure point and destination to see the best route and purchase your ticket through the app. Those who prefer the dear old paper ticket can search for the nearest ticket office on the ASPO website.

On a scooter

Strolling through the city centre you may have noticed scooters parked on the pavements. To get around faster, it might be a good idea to get one via the Elerent app, which you can download from the digital store. The next steps are simple: just register, enter a payment method, find the nearest scooter, and you’re done!
When you arrive at your destination, simply end the ride via the app and leave the scooter on the pavement so that it does not get in the way of traffic.

By taxi

Getting around Olbia by taxi is definitely not the fastest nor the cheapest way. The easiest way to request a ride is undoubtedly to use the popular Uber app that you can find in all digital stores. If you want to book a ride by phone, you can call the number of the taxi rank in Corso Umberto (+39 0789 22718) or that of the airport (+39 0789 69150) but remember that if there are no cars available, no one might answer. At this link you can find the approximate rates for the service in the city.

If you can plan your trips, it is certainly a good idea to book a chauffeur-driven hire service in advance. Contact us at any time to help you find an available driver.


This small guide summarises in a simple way useful information on how to get around Olbia easily.
Any other questions? No problem, call or write us and we will be happy to answer!

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